7 Key Rules For Sustainable Weight Loss

Losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is the real battle. That’s why we included a progressive nutrition calculator with the FitnessGenes Genetic Fat Loss System, to help you drop weight safely and sustainably. Here are seven rules to remember when using your fat loss nutrition calculator.

Matcha: Green Tea Just Got Greener!

The health benefits of Green Tea have been well documented in the past few years, but are your leaves selling you short? In Helena Pickford's debut FitnessGenes blog, she investigates the difference between Green and Matcha Tea, and explains how this powder can help improve your weight loss and energy levels.


FitnessGenes Scientific Research Dr Pleuni Hooijman completed the Maastricht Ironman last week with a time of 10:10:24, finishing as the fastest amateur female in the process. Hear the details of her race, and her own account of events, here.

Build Explosive Power With Kettlebell Swings

Back problems stopping you from deadlifting? Or are you looking to increase speed for your sport? Paul Rose highlights the physiological benefits of kettlebell swings, and breaks down the proper technique in his latest blog post.

5 Things I Learned From My FitnessGenes DNA Test with Martin Cheifetz

Having worked at global fitness publications for over 15 years, Martin could be forgiven for thinking that he knew it all. However, even with his experience in the fitness industry, his FitnessGenes results provided plenty of lightbulb moments. In this blog, Martin highlights five things his DNA Analysis Test taught him, and how it's helped him optimize his training.

Is Your DNA Increasing Your Vitamin D Deficiency Risk?

Vitamin D has been a hot topic of conversation this week as leading health organisations recommended that many of us need to increase our intake to maintain healthy levels. But is your genotype putting you at an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency? Read this week's blog post to learn the vitamin's function, how it can affect physical performance, and how you can be sure you're getting enough.

The Nordic Diet: Should You Eat Like A Viking?

With Iceland enjoying success at this year's European Football Championship, maybe it's time for us to consider some of their ways of living. Do you have the genetic variations suited for a Scandinavian diet, and could this be the answer to your long-term weight loss?

Foam Rolling….and Genetics?

Is the secret to preventing and curing muscle soreness predetermined by your genes? If you work out or train with friends, you will have noticed that some people ‘naturally’ seem to recover more quickly (or slowly) from exercise. There are obviously training and fitness related reasons for this, but at least 50% of the difference is genetic. Read on to learn about the 4 genes that impact recovery capacity from a workout.

Seaweed - The New Superfood

Seaweed is the new up and coming superfood challenging the likes of Kale. With an abundance of health benefits associated with it, why wouldn't you want to include it in your diet beyond the occasional sushi? Find out more about the benefits of seaweed and how it relates to your genetics.

6 Genes That Influence Your Training and Nutrition

There are the physiques we’re born with, there are the physiques we create, and understanding your genetics can help you get the physique you want. Here’s an overview of 6 of the 41 genes we analyse and examples of how greater understanding of your genetics can influence your lifestyle and training for better results.