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DNA Based Fitness

With our highly engineered yet easy DNA test, and customized digital report, FitnessGenes reveals specific genetic traits including metabolic tendencies, dietary sensitivities, fat burning capacity, muscle type and recovery time, to personalize your diet and exercise plans.

Genetic Analysis

Our DNA analysis tests over 40 different genes linked to training performance and nutrition. We then analysis the different genetic variations to develop individual training plans for building muscle and losing fat.

Fitness genes

The genes we analyze indicate how you may respond to both power and endurance workouts. They inform us how best to structure your workouts to maximise your muscle gains, while optimising fat loss. Your genetic profile is used to make recommendations shaped to your specific goals.

Nutrition genes

Structuring and sticking to your diet can be hard work. We look at genes that influence how you respond to particular foods and ingredients, that may cause you to put on weight, or which affect whether you feel full after meals. We use this genetic information to create a diet plan tailored to your needs.

Genetic Results

Once your DNA test is complete you will be able to view your results in the members’ site, where you will be able to read detailed descriptions of the genetic variants you have. We use your genetic information, and your physiological data, to generate the personalised training and nutritional blueprints that are also found in the members’ site.

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50% discount on your Fitnessgenes DNA Analysis (Extended to Dec 7th 12:00 GMT)
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Saliva sample home collection kit
DNA laboratory analysis
Detailed, personalized gene reports
Detailed resistance training recommendations
Detailed nutrition recommendations
Able to share recommendations with a Trainer
Ongoing gene and scientific updates
Genetic training plan
Training plan duration
4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks
Free Abdominal training add-on
Free HIIT training add-on
Personalized macronutrient guidelines

Genetic Training Partners

We are working with some of the industry’s elite trainers and professionals to deliver you genetic training plans that really work. Using your genetic blueprint is only part of the story, we work closely with our partners using their training methodologies to deliver you unique training plans that are extremely efficient and effective.