Learn How To Lunge: Correct Form & Benefits

Are you overlooking the lunge, or simply using it as a warm up to the squat? A key exercise in building functional leg strength and stability, Paul Rose explains why you shouldn't be ignoring the lunge, and how to perform it correctly.

7 Top Creatine Myths Explained

Creatine has long been used by bodybuilders and elite athletes to increase energy, strength, and aid recovery. But are the myths surrounding it putting you off from adding it to your supplement stack? Mark Gilbert debunks these myths, and explains how your DNA can affect your Creatine response.

London Calling For FitnessGenes

The FitnessGenes team have expanded into a second UK based office, as we make the move to central London.

FitnessGenes Testing Process Decoded: Part II

In part II of decoding the FitnessGenes testing process, Helena Pickford describes all of the factors our science team consider when creating your personalised recommendations. It's much more than just DNA!

The Physiology of Movement

As we exercise, in our bodies many physiological process take place to respond to the conditions that we are putting it under. But why does our breathing get heavier, or our heart rate increase? Dr Pleuni Hooijman breaks down the science behind physical movement, and how energy is created to keep us going.

Train Your Brain For Change

Meditation is known to calm the mind and body, but could mindfulness be just the lift you need to achieve your fitness and performance goals?

FitnessGenes Testing Process Decoded: Part I

Have you ever wondered how FitnessGenes can take one saliva sample, and produce over 40+ gene reports, as well as actionable recommendations? In this blog post, the science team open our laboratory's doors, and reveal your DNA's journey through our thorough testing process. Part I of II.

Ice Baths: Aiding Recovery or Limiting Performance?

During this past month, you may have frequently seen Olympic athletes submerged in icy water between events. Cold Water Immersion Therapy, as it is known, is intended to decrease inflammation and accelerate recovery. But could this actually be limiting performance? FitnessGenes research Tyler Breedlove explains when these subzero temperatures should be used, and when they should be avoided.