3 Things You Need To Know About HIIT And Is HIIT Legit?

We get so many questions about HIIT; it’s probably one of the most popular topics. I suppose that could be because Mark and I, along with Dr Jim Stoppani, wrote one of the leading HIIT books in the industry.

Good Calcium Intake But Bones Still Crumbly? Here’s Why!

Micronutrients are the small (‘micro’) vitamins, minerals, and trace elements which we must obtain in our diets to maintain health and life itself. They are used as raw material in the body to assist the many biological reactions which comprise our metabolism.

Mean Dirty Fructose – Or Media Hype?

Fructose is a controversial sugar, and many writers have blamed it for the obesity epidemic because it is even sweeter than regular table sugar (sucrose) and it doesn’t send the same fullness signal to the brain, as compared to glucose, so may promote greater cravings for food. These writers point out it has become more prevalent in our diet at the same time as the growing obesity epidemic and has been associated with poor insulin function.

The 5 Little-Known Reasons Why Coconut Water Is NOT All That!

Natural, low in fat, and promises to rehydrate you more efficiently than water. Coconut water is the latest health craze to sweep the nation and it seems that you cant walk into a gym at the moment without spotting a few enthusiasts with a blue and green carton where their water bottle used to be.

11 Reasons Why People Are WRONG About Whey Protein!

Whey is a mixture of proteins isolated from the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production. It’s a natural product so is certainly not something that anyone should fear. Whey protein has the following researched health benefits:

Mr Olympia Champions

Which style of bodybuilding do you prefer? The old school aesthetics of Zane or the new breed of size and strength embodied by Coleman?

Organic Food Evangelists Need To Read This!

OK, I’ve been saying this for years and so I’m going to resist the urge to be humble and have one of my ‘I told you so’ moments, which I’ve had in the past with high-protein diets, meat, the MMR vaccine, creatine, etc., etc. …