Trait #77:

Vitamin C level

Do you have an increased genetic requirement for Vitamin C?

The science

As well as assisting in the production of energy, Vitamin C supports a number of other functions; including maintaining healthy skin and bones, the burning of body fat, and protecting cells from oxidative damage.

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin as we are unable to produce it ourselves and instead must obtain it from our diet.

When the body detects that Vitamin C levels are low, we are able to call on reserves that are stored in the kidneys.

Vitamin C is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream to be transported around the the body by the specialised transporter protein SVCT1.

There are, however, variants of the gene that produce and regulate SVCT1 that can impair the function of the protein, resulting in significantly reduced levels of available Vitamin C.

With a reduction in available Vitamin C, carriers of these genetic variants are at increased risk of Vitamin C deficiency, which can also heighten their risk of oxidative stress and cardiovascular disease.

Trait classifications

By analysing the presence or absence of these genetic variants, all FitnessGenes members are placed into one of three possible trait classifications:

Average vitamin C levels

Mildly reduced vitamin C levels

Reduced vitamin C levels

Recommended actions

All trait classifications receive a collection of personalised lifestyle, nutrition and exercise-related traits to help our members increase their Vitamin C availability and minimise the risks associated with reduced levels.

The most popular action followed by our members is to ensure that they are adequately hydrated.

As Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, insufficient water levels can also reduce the amount of Vitamin C that we have available to us.

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For a full understanding of the function of Vitamin C, the SVCT1 protein, and the health risks associated with reduced Vitamin C levels, read through the accompanying science blog.

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