DNA analysis

DNA analysis using the latest technology

Your FitnessGenes results unlock your most influential exercise, nutrition and lifestyle genes.

In conjunction with your lifestyle and goal, our industry-leading technology reviews more than 600,000 genetic data points to create unrivalled insights and actionable advice, all personalized to you.

Genes we analyze

We report on over 40 genes

You’ll get a report on over 40 of the most important genes that directly impact upon your response to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

When combined with your lifestyle data, your DNA results provide insights into your personal muscle fiber type, metabolism, aerobic capacity, insulin function, lactic acid clearance, caffeine response, sleep cycle and more.

Genotypes globally

Your global genotype

You’ll find out how your gene results compare to the rest of the world. Are you in a tiny minority? Did you inherit 1, 2 or no copies of a certain gene variant? You’ll also learn about how your genetic makeup affects your diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Source: 1000 Genome Project. Global averages for both sexes

Stack of genes

How do you stack up?

What does this mean?

DNA is the code for life. It contains all the instructions needed to make and sustain our bodies. Our entire DNA sequence (or ‘genome’) is composed of roughly 20,000 genes: units of DNA that code for proteins. These proteins, in turn, play various important roles, from determining what color eyes we have to influencing our behavior at a dinner party.

We know that different versions (or variants) of these genes, caused by small changes in the DNA sequence, can alter these proteins. This, in turn, gives rise to significant differences in the way we ought to eat and work out. By virtue of variations in your genes, your optimal nutrition and workout strategies will be different to your friends or your colleagues.

Based on over 600,000 gene variants, FitnessGenes tailor nutrition and workout plans that are specific to you.

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