Vitamin D influences immunity, bone health and testosterone levels.  The vitamin D receptor (coded for by VDR) is important for  many processes associated with vitamin D.  Variations in the VDR gene that FitnessGenes test for have been associated with skeletal muscle strength.  


Global population distribution:

Source: 1000 Genome Project. Global averages for both sexes







More about VDR

The Vitamin D Receptor gene

The VDR gene codes for a protein that interacts with Vitamin D to regulate different biological processes, such as immune response regulation, calcium level regulation, and cell growth. The VDR gene variant we test for, which is named the Fok I, affects the structure of VDR. The C variation of the Fok I gene results in a short VDR protein with different activity. Although the VDR gene is thought to be related to the vitamin D function in the body, your HERC2 result will tell you more about your Vitamin D recommendations.

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