Genes for testosterone levels

This template uses four of your gene results and the results of a questionnaire to determine your testosterone levels. Testosterone is essential for building muscle and remaining lean. What’s your genetic profile for testosterone?

Sex hormones, like testosterone, are involved in the development of the sexual characteristics in men and women. In addition, they also help govern the processes that help tissues like muscle to grow, and nutrients to be stored and used. This means that how much testosterone you produce can alter the amount of muscle and fat in your body. The levels and activity of testosterone can vary from person to person due to both genetic and environmental factors. In addition, reductions in both testosterone and its binding partner are linked to increased body fat, susceptibility to poor metabolic health and reduced muscle mass. Understanding the relationship between all these factors enables us to advise how your genes and lifestyle may be affecting your testosterone profile. More importantly, if necessary, we can tell you what you can do to change it!

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We have fully reviewed the impact of this gene and the genetic variant we analyse as part of our scientific research process. You can access the full citation list on all studies reviewed here.

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