Get genetic reloaded

Utilize your unique DNA with the 12-week Genetic Reload System. Workout at home or in the gym to reload your body and achieve your weight loss goal.

  • 12-week Genetic Reload Plan
  • Nutrition program and a variety of recipes
  • Exclusive coaching from Dr. Dan
  • Access Dr. Dan’s online community
  • Bonus HIIT workouts from Dr. Dan’s Genetic Reboot series
  • Recommendations for supplements, caffeine, sleep, recovery and more!

This plan works

Have you been frustrated by plans that promise rapid results, but cannot be sustained? Kick start your body into burning more fat through improved metabolism with Dr Dan’s genetically-tailored diet and exercise plan.

Daysha lost 11lbs in 30 days

"I have always had struggles with my weight for as long as I can remember. I feel like we live in a culture where everyone is trying to tell you what’s healthy or not, and FitnessGenes gives you the peace of mind of knowing what’s healthy for me!"

Daysha, BuzzFeed Journalist

Daysha's measurements

Body part Inches Lost
Waist Lost 2 inches
Hips Lost 3 inches
Thighs Lost 1 inch

Why this plan works

50% of the difference between you and your friend and how difficult you find getting in shape is down to your DNA. Our Diet and Fitness plans are tailored to your DNA - so you know exactly what you should eat and how you should work out, meaning no more wasted time, and no more time spent guessing.

12-week workout plan

Increase your functional fitness, energy levels and strength whilst lowering overall body fat with a plan tailored to your FitnessGenes DNA results.

Follow your plan when and where you like. All you need is a set of resistance bands or free weights, allowing you to workout at home or in the gym.

Nutrition and recipes

Fuel your workouts with a nutrition plan guided by your genes, and targeted to your weight loss goal.

Our original and simple to prepare recipes will ensure that you feel less hungry and experience clearer thought because you will be consuming the right nutrients for your individual genetic profile.

Coaching from Dr Dan

You aren’t in this alone! You’ll also receive coaching from FitnessGenes CEO Dr Dan for the duration of the plan and have access to exclusive content through the Genetic Reload Facebook group.

This group is full of other FitnessGenes members on the same journey, and is where you can ask questions, find inspiration, and share your success.

Genetic Reload Plan

The world’s #1 personalized diet and fitness plan based on your DNA - created by FitnessGenes CEO Dr. Dan Reardon.

What you get

  • 12 week genetic reload workout and nutritional program with access to a variety of recipes
  • Exclusive coaching support from Dr. Dan himself and his online community
  • Bonus HIIT workouts from Dr Dan’s Genetic Reboot series

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Genetic Reload

12-week plan

Using your genetic data to reload your body with the programs it needs to succeed in your weight loss journey.


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This is how it works

FitnessGenes combines your drive with our knowledge of science and fitness. Let’s get results together!

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We analyze your DNA

Order your FitnessGenes DNA test kit. Then, send your saliva sample back to us.

We send you the results

View your results and personalized nutrition and training plans in your Member's Area.

You start working out

Kick-start your workout with a personal training plan based on your genes.

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Dr Dan Reardon

Dr Dan Reardon

FitnessGenes CEO & Co-founder

“I always knew that if I understood my personal genetic code, I could achieve my own fitness potential with faster results than any standard plan out there.

And now there are tens of thousands of people following phenomenal weight loss workouts and diets guided by their FitnessGenes DNA results.”

Real people real results

Join the community of FitnessGenes members who are untilizing their DNA to make positive and lasting changes to their fitness, nutrition and health.

Brilliant service

Brilliant service which used my DNA to help me pick the most suitable type of exercise for my body. Been using the advice for 3 weeks and I am already seeing a difference. Definitely recommend.

Katie - United Kingdom

Genetic Reload Plan

  • Genetic Reload Plan
  • Nutrition and recipes
  • Exclusive member access

The world’s #1 personalized diet and fitness plan based on your DNA, created by FitnessGenes CEO Dr. Dan Reardon


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