Your genes as a starting point

This is where it all starts. We analyze more than 40 genes related to fitness, health, and nutrition, and combined with your lifestyle survey data, these traits give us a clear view on how your body responds to diet and exercise.

DNA Analysis

We unlock your genetic code and give you detailed descriptions of what your DNA says about you.

Workouts plans

Remove the guesswork from training with our genetically-tailored workout plans.

Nutrition Guide

Eat according to your unique genetic make-up, lifestyle and fitness goals with our personalized nutrition guide.

Insights and Actions

Find out how you respond to diet and exercise and get actionable advice on how to optimize your nutrition and performance.

Genetic variants

DNA Analysis

With just a small amount of your saliva, we analyze over 600,000 of your gene variants using state-of-the-art microarray technology.

You’ll receive a report on 42 of your most important gene results, including those that impact appetite, eating behavior, VO2 max, fat burning, sleep cycle, nutrient metabolism, muscle strength, insulin function, post-workout recovery, muscle fiber composition and much more.


Workout plans

Whatever your goal and training experience, you'll need a workout plan that’s personalized to you to fully unlock your training potential.

We combine your genetic and lifestyle profile with your training goal to structure a plan that’s tailored to your optimal:

  • Workout frequency
  • Workout volume
  • Rest and recovery
  • Exercise type

Nutrition guide

Your genetic insights also highlight your nutrition preferences and sensitivities, helping you select which foods to eat and avoid for the best results.

To accompany your workout plan, we deliver a personalized nutrition guide which allows you to design a diet that is tailored to your optimal:

  • Meal frequency
  • Calorie intake
  • Macronutrient ratios
  • Supplement needs
Insights and Actions

Insights and Actions

Find out how your body responds to diet, exercise, sleep and supplements with your genetically-driven Personal Insights.

Based on these insights, follow your Personal Actions to optimize your nutrition, workouts and lifestyle to reach your fitness goal.

DNA Analysis Kit

DNA Analysis Kit

+ Free 1-week Genetic Workout Plan


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