Our team is composed of PhD scientists, medical doctors, and experts in genetics, sports science, exercise physiology and biochemistry. The team’s combined skillset allows us to critically analyze the latest scientific literature and develop training and nutrition protocols accordingly. FitnessGenes also has prestigious collaborations with academic teams at the Universities of Birmingham, Loughborough and Oxford.

Your genetic profile

You are unique. This is largely due to your unique DNA code. The first step in the FitnessGenes process is to uncover which genetic variations your carry. A simple saliva test is all that’s required to analyze thousands of genetic variations in your DNA sequence. We then report back on 43 gene variants that strongly influence your optimal workout, nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

Process 2

Your goals

Everyone’s fitness goal is different. Some of us want to lose weight, others want to gain muscle mass. How best to eat, exercise and carry out our daily lives clearly depends on our aims. At FitnessGenes, we match your specific gene variants with your fitness goal to create workout and nutrition plans that are right for you, not just your genes.

Process 3

Lifestyle factors

Genes are only one part of the picture. Your current lifestyle also heavily influences how you respond to changes in diet and exercise. You’ll complete a survey that accounts for both basic anthropometric parameters, such as height and waist circumference, as well as more advanced information, such as your levels of physical activity and eating behaviours.

Process 4

Academic literature

Our TrueTrait ™ algorithm analyzes your data in line with all published scientific literature to date. We have scoured and pooled thousands of academic papers on genetics, nutrition and exercise to ensure the information you receive is scientifically robust. As science is constantly evolving, we update our algorithm in conjunction with new research findings. For customers wishing to delve deeper into the science, we also provide a list of citations by each gene result.

Process 5

Academic collaboration

We are proud to collaborate with research teams at the University of Loughborough, University of Birmingham and University of Oxford. This enables us to test and further refine our TrueTrait ™ model, receive feedback from leaders in academic fields, and ensure our recommendations are scientifically sound.

Process 6

The FitnessGenes Model

The core of the FitnessGenes model is our patented, state-of-the-art True Trait ™ algorithm. This compiles your DNA results and lifestyle data to create a precise model of your internal physiology. It also integrates your fitness goals to calculate the optimal exercise, nutrition and lifestyle you need to achieve those goals.

Process 7

Personalized recommendations

Knowing your gene variants and internal biology is of little use if you cannot put such information into action. We first provide you with Personal Insights that explain how your body needs and responds to diet, exercise, sleep and supplements. Based on these insights, we create Personal Actions that reveal the optimum way to eat, work out, supplement and live.

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Your privacy is our priority

We take the protection of customer data extremely seriously and employ end-to-end AES encryption to protect customer data at all stages. This encryption technology is also used for online banking.