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Genetic Workout Systems

Unlock your Fitness DNA profile in full with a Genetic Workout System. Includes FitnessGenes DNA Analysis, personalised training and nutrition recommendations, and a goal specific workout plan designed by the FitnessGenes training team. Discover your unique genetic make-up, and use it to maximise your Fitness results!

FitnessGenes Starter System
FitnessGenes Starter Plus System
FitnessGenes Fat-Loss System
FitnessGenes Female Fat-Loss System
FitnessGenes Muscle-Building System

Genetic Celebrity Systems

Want to follow a workout plan designed by a FitnessGenes celebrity partner, and tailored to your DNA? Select a Genetic Celebrity System to unlock both your Fitness DNA profile, and the secrets of our elite trainers and coaches. This expert knowledge combined with the FitnessGenes research will guarantee that you achieve your specific fitness goal.

Ashley Kaltwasser's Genetic Training System
Scott Herman's Genetic Muscle System