Yes Queen

For most of Daysha’s life, she used to never feel like she had a sense of control over anything - her weight, her love life, her career. And this lack of feeling in control lead to all three of these aspects of her life completely destroying her sense of self-worth.

So in 2017, she decided that enough was enough, and wanted to take “powher” into her own hands. She made a groundbreaking video with FitnessGenes that radically transformed her relationship with food and exercise. She then also quit her job to found Yes Queen, a website devoted to female re-affirmations of power. Through Yes Queen, Daysha hopes to motivate and inspire women to live a life filled with clarity, control, confidence, and choices so that everyone around them will want to shout “YAAASS QUEEN!”

Because Daysha loves FitnessGenes so much, and she loves her fans so much, she felt like it was only natural to finally connect her two favourite worlds together. Through partnering with Fitness Genes, Daysha hopes to bring her fans more clarity, control, confidence, and choices as they embark on their health and fitness goals.

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