Benefits for both you and your client's

Achieve better client results

Personalise your client's exercise and nutrition plans to their unique DNA for improved training efficiency, effectiveness and results.

Increase sign-ups

Differentiate your business within fitness market to attract new potential clients, and increase client sign-ups.

Improve Retention

Clients who are achieving better personal results and feel more engaged with your business are more likely to stay with you for longer.

Increase revenue

Take advantage of our wholesale pricing to generate greater revenue per client or increase the value of your membership packages.

The features

Partnership Features

Multiple partnership options

FitnessGenes Pro operates on a multi-tier model, allowing you to select the partnership package that is right for your business size and type.

In addition to generous wholesale pricing, each partnership tier includes education, marketing and client result solutions to help you effectively integrate DNA analysis into your business.

Specific pricing and features of each tier provided upon application.

Partnership education course

FitnessGenes Pro Education Course

Access our online learning platform to discover the function of DNA, how genetic variation influences our response to specific exercise and nutrition strategies, and how by working with FitnessGenes you can deliver ‘precision fitness’ to your clients.


Certificate of completion

Show that you are an official partner of FitnessGenes with your personal certificate – awarded upon competition of the FitnessGenes Pro Education Course.

Client Results

Access your clients results

The FitnessGenes online members area allows your clients to remotely share their genetic reports and actionable recommendations with you, so that you can tailor their workout and nutrition plans to their unique DNA profile.


Marketing material and support

Whichever partnership tier you choose to follow, our in-house marketing team can provide you with digital and point of sale marketing material to maximise exposure, interest and uptake.

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