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Your genetic results

Find out your DNA results and what they mean for you. Interested in learning more about a specific gene and how it impacts you, your metabolism and your performance?

Workout strategies

You get precise, genetically tailored advice to optimize your workouts for maximum results. Learn how your genes impact your training volume, sets, reps, tempo and rest as well as your optimal workout times and recovery periods.

Nutrition strategies

Learn how to eat in tune with your genetic results, enhance your pre- and post-workout nutrition and get the most of your meals.

Workout and nutrition plans


Workout plans

Every genetically tailored, goal-specific workout plan will give you a full breakdown of what days you should work out, what exercises you should perform and what days you should rest for best results.

Nutrition plans

The nutrition calculator advises the total calories and exact percentages of fat, carbs and protein you should eat based on your workout plan and genetics.

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We have a glossary to help explain the science and wide range of exercise videos to get you started.

We're here for you

Our support team are on hand to help you with any queries you may have. You can also network and stay motivated with other FitnessGenes customers on our DNA Squad group.

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