Resistance band training

Thursday, April 06, 2017. Author Geraldine Campbell

With the busy lives many of us lead, fitting in exercise can be a struggle. When life becomes too hectic, exercise is often the first thing to be sacrificed. But help might be at hand in the form of an inexpensive, convenient and highly effective form of resistance training that doesn’t need a gym membership.

Resistance bands are the answer. This portable arsenal for your training toolbox can be used at home, when travelling for work, when on vacation or even in the gym to ramp up your training. Their effectiveness to improve physiological factors such as strength, muscle mass, body fat percentage, power and even endurance has been demonstrated across all ages and abilities. As well as improving your body composition, they are ideal for rehabilitation and frequently used and prescribed by physical therapists and physios. They can also improve balance, gait and mobility - key physiological traits you’ll want to train to limit the age-related declines in certain movement patterns.

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