Do you want to utilize the latest research in fitness genetics to help you offer the most personalized service possible?

Are you ready to make your business unique, and separate yourself from the crowded fitness market?

Unlock your client’s DNA and genetically upgrade your business by becoming an official FitnessGenes affiliate.

  • Personalize your clients training and nutrition to their DNA, and maximize their results.
  • Attract new clients by offering your own unique selling point.
  • Earn commission on each FitnessGenes product sold on your recommendation.
  • Pass on exclusive discounts to your clients.
  • Feature on the trainers page, and create your own personal microsite.

The key to any successful training and nutrition plan is to make it as personalized as possible. And whilst you can control some factors, others can take months of trial and error to realize. By using the FitnessGenes DNA Analysis Test with your clients you can remove this guesswork, make each workout as effective as possible, and accelerate their results.

As a FitnessGenes affiliate, you will also receive educational material to help you understand, interpret, and apply your clients results, and have full access to our team should you require any further assistance.

The FitnessGenes Affiliate Program contains solutions for businesses of all sizes. So whether you're looking to test 10 clients or 1000, we have an affiliate option ready for you.

"Joining the FitnessGenes Affiliate Program has been a tremendous for my business, and has helped my clients achieve some fantastic results.
The support from the FitnessGenes team has been amazing, and program has presented me with some very unique opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. I can't thank them enough".

Harold Tackie
Personal Trainer & FitnessGenes Affiliate

If you are interested in becoming a FitnessGenes Affiliate, please complete our online application form by following the button below. Our affiliate team will assess your application, and be in touch. 

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