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Genes we analyze

Genes we analyze: ACE

A gene for endurance

Genes we analyze: ACTN3

A gene for speed

Genes we analyze: CYP1A2

A gene for caffeine metabolism

Genes we analyze: FTO

A gene for appetite

Genes we analyze: IL15RA

A gene for muscle volume

Genes we analyze: LCT

A gene for lactose tolerance

Genes we analyze: MSTN

A gene for hypertrophy

Genes we analyze: PGC1A

A gene for aerobic capacity

Genes we analyze: PPARA

A gene for fat burning

Genes we analyze: UCP2

A gene for metabolism

Genes we analyze: HERC2

A gene for eye colour

Genes we analyze: ADRB2_1

A gene for adrenaline signalling

Genes we analyze: ADRB2_2

A gene for adrenaline signalling

Genes we analyze: AGT

A gene for blood pressure regulation

Genes we analyze: AKT1

A gene associated with aerobic exercise response

Genes we analyze: AMPD1

A gene for energy production

Genes we analyze: APOA2

A gene for response to saturated fat intake

Genes we analyze: APOA5

A gene for blood triglyceride levels

Genes we analyze: BDKRB2

A gene for vascular function

Genes we analyze: CKM

A gene related to muscle energy

Genes we analyze: CLOCK

A gene affecting sleep cycle

Genes we analyze: CNTF

A gene for nerve activity

Genes we analyze: ESR1

A gene for testosterone levels

Genes we analyze: HIF1A

A gene for response to low oxygen

Genes we analyze: IGF1

A gene for regular growth/development

Genes we analyze: IGF1_2

A gene for normal growth/development

Genes we analyze: IGFBP3

A gene for regulating normal growth / development

Genes we analyze: IL6

A gene for inflammation and recovery

Genes we analyze: IL6R

A gene for regulating IL6 activity

Genes we analyze: MCT1

A gene for fatigue

Genes we analyze: NOS3

A gene for blood flow

Genes we analyze: PPARG

A gene associated with fat and carb processing

Genes we analyze: SHBG1

A gene for testosterone levels

Genes we analyze: SHBG2

A gene for testosterone levels

Genes we analyze: UCP1

A gene for metabolism

Genes we analyze: UCP3

A gene for metabolism

Genes we analyze: VDR

A gene for vitamin D processing / activation

Genes we analyze: VEGFA

A gene for blood vessel formation

Genes we analyze: MSTNRARE

A gene for unusual muscle size and strength

Genes we analyze: ACVR1B

A gene for muscle strength

Genes we analyze: MTHFR

A gene for folate metabolism

Genes we analyze: MTR

A gene for homocysteine conversion

Genes we analyze: MTRR

A gene for methionine production

Genes we analyze: MC4R

A gene associated with overeating

Genes we analyze: ALDH2

A gene for alcohol metabolism

Genes we analyze: VDR_Taq

A gene for response to Vitamin D

Genes we analyze: NMB

A gene for disinhibited eating

Genes we analyze: MTHFR_SNP2

A gene associated with folate metabolism

Genes we analyze: LPL

A gene associated with HDL cholesterol levels

Genes we analyze: SLC30A8

A gene associated with fasting glucose levels

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BuzzFeed’s Daysha took a FitnessGenes DNA testing and followed a diet and fitness plan based on her DNA results. She lost an amazing 11Ibs in 30 days as a result of working with Dr. Dan Reardon, and feels fitter and healthier than every before.


BuzzFeed’s Daysha took a FitnessGenes DNA testing and followed a diet and fitness plan based on her DNA results. She lost an amazing 11Ibs in 30 days as a result of working with Dr. Dan Reardon, and feels fitter and healthier than every before.






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