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No – We test for the same genetic variations regardless of which system you purchase.  Our DNA Analysis and Systems feature the same sport and fitness focused DNA analysis, and our in depth, science based, commentary and recommendations.

The Genetic Workout Systems include a genetically tailored, goal specific, training and nutrition plan, as well as our DNA analysis. Please look at our Plan Advisor to help you decide which to choose, based on your experience level and goal.

Plan Advisor

If you would like any further advice, please contact us via support@fitnessgenes.com.

Yes.  However, you need to have had your DNA analyzed first as all of our plans are tailored to our customers’ genetic results.  To purchase a training plan, please go to member.fitnessgenes.com and click on the Plans icon and follow the links through to the plan of your choice.

We currently accept GBP, US$, CND$, AUS$, Euros, and AED.  Our website will automatically detect which country you are based in and offer the most appropriate currency.

We use Stripe and PayPal, allowing customers to choose from a range of different payment choices (e.g. credit card, debit card, existing PayPal balance) whilst providing very high levels of security.

Yes - our purchasing and DNA analysis processes are separate to allow this to happen.

When you receive the sample collection kit, please pass it to the lucky person.  As long as they register the barcode to themselves, everything will be fine.

If the purchased product included a workout / training plan, then the purchaser will receive an email containing a plan activation code.  This needs to be forwarded to the person that will be using our service.

Yes, and we might be able to offer a discount on a bulk purchase.  Please contact us at support@fitnessgenes.com to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Yes.  Please contact us support@fitnessgenes.com to discuss your specific requirements.

We pride ourselves on working with some of the industry’s best trainers, coaches, fitness professionals and athletes.  We recognise that professional trainers and coaches play a unique role in the industry and often have extensive experience of different training methodologies and how to help their clients to reach their maximum potential.

By working in partnership, we can provide you with detailed insight into the DNA and resulting biology of your clients, removing potentially weeks of experimentation, and allowing you to build more effective training plans that achieve great results, more quickly than ever before.  Our end customers benefit from your ongoing professional coaching, increasing the likelihood of them achieving, or even exceeding, their expectations.

We can offer a very competitive pricing plan, provide training in the use of genetic data in the development of training plans, and you will have our ongoing scientific support to help you address any challenging client questions and to keep you up to date in the cutting edge field of genetics and fitness.

Trainers and coaches that we already partner with report increased referrals and income, as well as being able to continue their own personal development.

Yes!  Our in-house team of geneticists, physiologists, personal trainers, and sports scientists know more than most on how to leverage your genetic results to find marginal gains that can lead to improved performance.  We currently support a range of professional athletes and sports teams and we recommend you get us on your team before your competition does!  


Within the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, and NZ we can deliver to PO Box addresses.

For deliveries elsewhere in the world, we usually deliver using a signed for courier service and unfortunately, we cannot deliver to PO Box addresses using that service.

If you do not have an alternative address, please contact us at support@fitnessgenes.com and we can organise alternative arrangements. Please note that we aren’t able to provide a tracking number when posting via standard post outside of the UK, USA, or Canada.

We are pleased to be able to support members of the forces and we can ship to military bases, however please note that shipping sometimes takes longer than to other locations.  

Please contact us (via support@fitnessgenes.com) if you have any other questions.

We ship to almost every country in the world from our distribution centres. However there are a small number of countries where we can either not guarantee the safe arrival of your sample collection tube, or from which you won’t be able to post your sample back to us.  These countries are currently Russia, China, and Korea. We do not currently sell to / ship to these countries.

There are also a small number of countries that require us to work with the customer to complete some additional paperwork.  We'll be in touch shortly after you have ordered if that's required.

Within the USA, UK, Europe, and Australia your package should arrive within 5 - 7 working days, and it’s often quicker than that.  For other countries please allow 7 - 10 days from ordering.  Please contact us (via support@fitnessgenes.com) if you've been waiting longer than that.

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