Personal trainer directory

We are proud to work with the following Personal Trainers and Coaches. They offer you the opportunity to purchase our standard DNA Analysis and then have a truly bespoke training plan developed, based on your DNA results, to help you to achieve your goals.

Many of the Personal Trainers and Coaches offer ongoing 1-2-1 training sessions to help ensure you maximise the benefit from each training session and others offer an online coaching / support service.

Each Personal Trainer and Coach has been trained in the use of genetic data by our team (including our PhD Scientists) and receives our full, ongoing scientific support, so you know you will be working with the best scientific back-up in the industry.

If you are Personal Trainer or Coach and would like to offer your customers our cutting edge DNA analysis and personalised recommendations, please click here to learn more.

Do you want to become a Fitnessgenes Certified Personal Trainer? Click here to get more information.

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