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When it comes to weight loss, exercise, or athletic performance, genetics and our environment are two factors that need to be evaluated for each person. By analyzing our genetics, we have a starting point and an understanding of how we respond to foods, exercise and our overall environment. Through lifestyle evaluation we will help you identify your goals and develop a plan that will support you in making sustainable lifestyle changes.

Nutrition Logic believes in Health Made Simple. We won’t overwhelm you with information that is hard to understand or plans that are hard to follow. We meet you where you are. With our services you will receive a simple yet effective plan to achieve your health goals and the support you need to sustain this lifestyle long term.

This is how it works

FitnessGenes interprets your DNA and will help you build muscle, burn fat, and lead a healthier, longer life.

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We analyze your DNA

Order your FitnessGenes DNA test kit. Then, send your saliva sample back to us.

We send you the results

View your results and personalized nutrition and training plans in your members area.

You start working out

Get started with your genetically optimized diet and exercise plan and achieve your goals.

Benefits of membership

Your gene results, workout, and nutrition advice will be updated as the science evolves, so you'll always be at the cutting edge.

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DNA Analysis

Analyze your DNA and get precise, actionable advice on building muscle, burning fat, and leading a healthier life.

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DNA Analysis

1 week plan

1 week trial workout: Get a preview of the genetically tailored workout plan that matches your fitness goals.


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Need help choosing a plan?

Use our Plan Advisor to determine which genetically tailored diet and exercise program best fits your needs.

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