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Jonas began his athletic career at a very young age. He competed in swimming, soccer and basketball for his town Florianopolis, Brazil. He originally came to the US to skateboard, but found his passion for fitness, and that there were a lot of other things he wanted to try and accomplish.

With a background in bachelor of Physical Education and Sports Marketing at University of South Santa Catarina, he has hundreds of hours in fitness, physiotherapy, and nutrition extension courses. Jonas speaks portuguese, spanish and really loves to snowboarding. He likes to learn and experiment different sports, nutritional approaches, training methodologies. He knows how to explore people's potentials and uses the principle of individuality with all his clients. Some of his favourite fitness subjects include functional medicine, strength and power, nutrition , biomechanics, postural correction, global body restructuring, and hypertrophy. He has a great knowledge in injuries prevention and rehabilitation.

He competed in several Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions, including the worlds in 2007, which he placed 5th under the international Federation of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, IFBJJ. Jonas was the founder and head coach of PCBJJ, where he coached adults and kids in recreational and competitive jiu jitsu for many years in Park City, Utah and trained Professional MMA athletes. He took 1st place in his region in the first event of the Crossfit Games, "7 minutes of burpees" in 2012, 8th place in the Brazilian Crossfit Games in september 2012.

Specialist Areas and Qualifications

Crossfit Level 1 Crossfit Coaches Prep (Level 2) Crossfit Competitors course NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine and IFBB International Federation of Body building and Fitness

Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Phone: +1 385 209 5907

Email: jonasm.fit@gmail.com

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