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We are very proud to have the opportunity to partner with some of the best professionals in the fitness industry. Through our partnerships we continue to improve the depth and breadth of our knowledge, allowing us to refine our products and services even further, and we can share our in depth knowledge of genetics and human biology with other thought leaders in the industry.When combined, this generates an unbeatable package of DNA analysis, genetic insight, and training advice, giving you the best support available.We are currently co-developing training plans with some of our partners, and these will only be available through their partner pages at If you're not already a customer, and would like to be notified when the plans are launched, please create an account at and we'll be in touch soon.


John Welbourn is a 10-year NFL veteran who started in over 100 games and has 10 playoff appearances. When he retired from football in 2008 he wanted to train others and continue to educate himself and the community.

He created CrossFit Football and Power Athlete (HQ - where he also records the Power Athlete podcast). John's personal gym is one of a handful of Westside Barbell certified gyms in the world. In addition to training MLB, NFL and other professional and Olympic athletes, John travels the world lecturing on performance and nutrition.

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Scott Herman

Scott Herman is a world-renowned fitness expert, having built a devoted nation of 790,000 subscribers and over 152 million views on his official YouTube channel. Scott first shot to fame on MTV’s hit show Real World: Brooklyn and has recently completed filming for the 2015 film Bus 657, staring along side Robert De Niro and Kate Bosworth.

Scott has worked with MuscleGenes since 2013, advising our CEO Dr. Dan Reardon on building hardcore workout programs and providing recommendations and support on everything from fat loss to muscle gain.

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Ashley Kaltwasser

As 3 times Ms. Bikini Olympia champion, Ashley knows how to create a title winning physique. And now, she’s teamed up with FitnessGenes to create a 12-week genetic workout plan. Personalized to your individual DNA by the FitnessGenes scientists, Ashley’s Genetic Workout System will maximize your ability and maximize your results.

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Mike Rashid

Mike Rashid is one of the most recognized faces in the world of fitness. Former professional boxer, winning two national golden gloves, previously legendary boxer Mike Tyson's sparring partner, Mike now concentrates his efforts on power bodybuilding, publishing a wide range of information on everything to do with building muscle and getting strong, in mind, body and soul.

Mike is known for being an alpha in the gym! You need proof? He once filmed himself doing 200 repetitions on the bench press, with a starting and finishing weight of 245lbs!

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