Optimize muscle recovery

Post workout recovery is essential for proper muscle repair and growth. Your individual recovery rate is in part determined by your genetic code, and is covered by some of the genes we analyse at FitnessGenes.

Recovery genes


Do you produce the protein alpha-actinin-3? Linked to elite speed and power based performance, this protein protects against fast twitch muscle damage, providing carriers with faster recovery post exercise than non-carriers.


Do you have the increased protective effects of the IL6 molecule? Your personal levels of this protector against muscle damage is determined by your IL6 gene result. People with reduced IL6 levels often take longer to recover post exercise.


Are you a morning lark or a night owl? Your CLOCK gene result can identify when is your optimal time to train and if you are likely to have a disturbed sleep cycle, based on your circadian rhythm.

The power of recovery

No matter what your age or sporting ambitions, we all want to see and experience progress; to be fitter, faster, stronger – in body and mind.

In the recovery phase your muscles start to repair the damage that has occurred during physical activity. Protein supports this maintenance and muscle growth. Scientific research states that 20g of protein, taken within 30 minutes after sport, is most effective to support this repair.

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Brilliant service

Brilliant service which used my DNA to help me pick the most suitable type of exercise for my body. Been using the advice for 3 weeks and I am already seeing a difference. Definitely recommend.

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Genetic Workout Systems

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