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Whether you’re looking to drop the time, increase the distance or beat your PB, you need to understand the training and nutrition strategies that are most effective for you. At FitnessGenes we unlock your unique DNA code to identify these strategies and help you achieve your goal.

ACTN3 The gene for speed

With almost every sprinter tested to date carrying one variation of the ACTN3, the gene’s influence on speed and power performance is undeniable. Do you carry the same variation and genetic advantage as these elite athletes?

38% have the sprinter gene.

Based on those with two ACTN3 ‘C’ alleles

ACE The gene for endurance

One particular variation of the Ace gene is associated with a greater percentage of slow-twitch muscle fibres as well as other endurance benefits. Is this the gene helping you to cover those longer distances?

30% have the endurance gene

Based on those with two ACE ‘I’ alleles

MCT1The gene for fatigue

The efficiency at which you clear lactic acid during exercise is influenced by your MCT1 gene variation. By understanding your individual clearance rate you can optimize your rest periods and post-workout recovery for maximum output.

13% have the fast lactic acid clearing gene

Why some strategies work for you and others don’t

As much as 50% of the variation in physical performance between athletes is influenced by their DNA. If someone appears to be naturally built for certain events or distances, more often than not they genetically are!

By understanding your individual genetic profile you can tailor your training and nutrition to best complement it, and maximise your results.

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