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The FitnessGenes members’ area is where you will find your genetic results and recommendations as well as a host of other benefits. Delivered through our secure online portal,, you’ll get easy access to your training plans as well as other resources including the FitnessGenes e-book series, Exercise Guide and Glossary.

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Your personal Member Area provides you with your dashboard, genetic results and action blueprint with training and nutrition strategies.

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This is where you will find all of your FitnessGenes Training Plans that you are subscribed to. Each and every training plan we develop is personalised to your individual genetic profile to help you maximise results.  

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Want to take things to the next level? By including one of our Training Plans in your purchase you’ll get access to up to 12 weeks of personalised exercise advice and programmes. Keep an eye out for new plans, which we develop both internally and with world-renowned fitness and body building celebrities. 


Our library of exercise descriptions, images and video's can help you with your training if you have no access to a personal trainer. Our E-Books provide you with information about training and nutrition from the experts in their field. The glossary is useful when you want to look up the meaning of specific scientific expressions.

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