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Don't rely on guesswork when it comes to the workout strategies that are most effective for you. Reach your goal faster than ever by following a workout plan tailored to your optimal:




Rest and

Workouts tailored to your genes

Our workout plans account for your unique genetic make-up, lifestyle and fitness goal. Parameters such as exercise type, lifting tempo, training volume, number of reps, number of sets, recovery time and workout-to-rest ratio are all calibrated to your body, your DNA and your needs.


Traits, insights & actions

Explore the information in truefeed® to understand how your genetics and lifestyle information influence how you can adapt your training to optimize your health and fitness.

Genetically tailored workouts

Genetically tailored workouts

Using the latest scientific research, your workout plan factors in your genes related to muscle fiber composition, lactic acid clearance, fat metabolism, glucose metabolism, blood flow and many more important exercise-related processes.

Online support

Our coaches can guide you through your workouts, give helpful advice for adjusting your workout for injuries and limitations, plus more.

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Stack of genes

How do you stack up?

What does this mean?

We all respond uniquely to exercise. Research shows that we recover at different rates between training sessions, improve our aerobic capacity to varying degrees following exercise, and respond better to different numbers of repetitions when lifting weights.

These differences largely stem from changes in your DNA code. A successful workout plan therefore has to account for these genetic changes.

At FitnessGenes, we analyze over 600,000 gene variants, many of which influence how you should best work out. You'll receive a report on 42 of the most important of these gene variants and get guidance on how to maximize your workouts according to your DNA.

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