Personalised Nutrition Guide

Your FitnessGenes DNA analysis will identify the nutritional strategies that are most effective for you. Reach your goal faster than ever by structuring your diet around your optimal:



Total calorie


Nutrition tailored to your genes

We're all different and how we should eat varies from person to person. At FitnessGenes, we consider your gene variants related to appetite, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, salt sensitivity, insulin function, eating behavior and much more to create a diet plan that's personalized to you.


Personalized Insights

Understand how your body responds to different nutrients in your diet, find out how to optimize your nutrition, and discover whether you need to take various supplements with your genetically driven Personal Insights.

Nutrition Guide

Your genetically tailored nutrition guide

By analyzing your DNA, we provide you with a nutrition guide with tailored daily caloric intakes, macronutrient ratios, micronutrient requirements, meal timings, supplement advice and other dietary guidance specific to your needs.


Progressive daily meal planner

Your meal planner works alongside your workout plan to ensure you know exactly what, when and how to eat to the get the most out of your workouts.

Stack of genes

How do you stack up?

What does this mean?

The optimal diet for you isn't the same as for someone else. Your unique DNA code contains over 20,000 genes, several of which influence your individual response to food. Some people may be highly sensitive to saturated fat, while others may tolerate a higher proportion in their diet. Similarly, you may benefit from eating 3 solid meals a day, while your friend ought to split their total calories across 5 meals.

At FitnessGenes we analyze over 600,000 gene variants to provide you with an accurate picture of how your DNA influences your nutrition.

You'll receive a report on 42 of the most important of these gene variants and get comprehensive advice on how to eat in tune with your body.

Genes associated with your diet

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