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This DNA analysis and 8-week Fat-Loss Plan will give you a unique insight into your fitness related genes and physiology, and a plan that helps to boost your metabolism and reshape your physique. In addition you get a tailored macronutrient nutrition plan to help optimize your fat-loss. []

FitnessGenes Fat-Loss System

Genetically enhanced workout system designed to help you lose weight.

Appetite and Cravings

 The FTO Gene aka ‘The Fat Gene” indicates that some people have an increased appetite who tend to hold extra body fat. 

Fat Burning

Find out if you have the same fat burning capacity as an endurance athlete, power/speed athletes or both.

Metabolism Efficiency

One mechanism of fat loss is through the heat generated by your body. Learn if you have a fast or slow metabolism.

Stubborn Fat 

Genetics play a part with how we store body fat. Learn if you have a tendency to store stubborn fat and what the risks are.

HIIT vs Cardio

Different exercises affect the way you burn fat depending on your genetics. Learn what type of exercise works best for you.

Nutrition Plan

We’ve designed a macronutrient nutrition plan to help you lose weight. Find out how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you should eat daily.

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DNA Analsys Kit


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How Does it work

Knowing how your body responds to exercise and diet is just the start; it’s the beginning of the process of finding out what exercise and nutrition is the optimum to reach your goals. We have a team of scientist (Ph.D. geneticists, nutritionists and trainers) that understand this science and are experienced in defining the right workout and nutrition blueprint for you.


Leverage your genetics, and our science, to improve fitness and burn fat.  []

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All Genetic Workout Systems include DNA Analysis. If you have already received your FitnessGenes or MuscleGenes DNA Analysis results please select a Genetic Workout Plan.

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  • DNA Test Kit 
  • DNA Analysis 
  • 40+ Gene Results 
  • Detailed FitnessGenes Gene report 
  • Online members portal 
  • Training action blueprint 
  • Nutrition action blueprint with calculator 
  • FitnessGenes eBooks 
  • Exercise library 
  • Glossary 
  • Ongoing Gene And Scientific Updates 
  • 8-Week Periodized Fat Loss Plan 
  • Exercise descriptions, photos and videos 
  • Macronutrient Plan 
  • Online Support Through Our Team Of Experts 
  • FREE HIIT workouts 

New Years promotion30% discount on DNA Analysis

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