Frequently asked questions about Personal Trainer / Coach / Professional or Semi-Professional Athlete or lifter

Yes.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We pride ourselves on working with some of the industry’s best trainers, coaches, fitness professionals and athletes.  We recognise that professional trainers and coaches play a unique role in the industry and often have extensive experience of different training methodologies and how to help their clients to reach their maximum potential.

By working in partnership, we can provide you with detailed insight into the DNA and resulting biology of your clients, removing potentially weeks of trial and error, and allowing you to build more effective training plans that achieve great results, more quickly than ever before.  Our end customers benefit from having a truly bespoke training plan developed for them, based on their genetic data, and ongoing professional coaching, increasing the likelihood of them achieving or even exceeding their expectations.           

We can offer a very competitive pricing plan, provide training in the use of genetic data in the development of training plans, and you will have our ongoing scientific support to help you address any challenging client questions and to keep you up to date in the cutting edge field of genetics and fitness.

Trainers and coaches that we already partner with report increased referrals and income, as well as being able to continue their own personal development.

Yes!  Our in-house team of geneticists, biologists and sports scientists know more than most on how to leverage your genetic results to find marginal gains that lead to improved performance.  We currently support a range of athletes and competitive lifters, and we recommend you get us on your team before your competition does!  

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