Which Genetic Workout System?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019. Author Paul Rose

Which Genetic Workout System?

Unsure of what Genetic Workout System is best suited to your needs? Our Genetic Fitness Coach, Paul Rose, explains all in this handy guide. 


The Get Fit System

Get Fit
  • 3 days per week
  • Beginner/Intermediate
  • Home or Gym
  • Bodyweight or free weights


The Get Fit System is a 3 day per week training program that includes both cardio and resistance training. You have the option for both bodyweight and free weight exercises, so workouts can be done at home, in the gym, at a hotel, etc. Workouts can also be switched between beginner and intermediate level on the dashboard, so you can easily adjust the intensity of your training.

  • The 4-week Starter plan has less total volume and is a stepping stone to the Get-Fit Keep Fit 8-week plan. 
  • The 8-week Keep Fit plan is ideal for more experienced exercisers who wish to stay healthy and improve their core and functional strength.
  • The 12-week Complete plan gives you a discounted bundle of both the Starter and Keep Fit plans.


The nutritional component of the Get Fit System is designed to find your ideal maintenance macronutrient ratios and calorie amount – i.e. the proportion of protein/carbs/fats and number of calories you need to stay healthy, be active, and increase your general fitness levels.

This is the optimal program for a long, healthy life...starting now!


Who’s it for?

The Get Fit System is ideal for those looking to get into or return to fitness. It’s also great for people with busy lives. Once completed, this genetically-tailored plan will set you up perfectly for the Build Muscle and Get Lean Systems. The Get Fit System gives you the option of bodyweight or free weight workouts, so can be followed at home or on the road, without the need for specialist equipment.


The Lose Weight System

Lose weight
  • 3-4 gym days per week & 2 cardio sessions
  • Beginner/Intermediate


The Lose Weight System is a 3-4 day per week training program with a focus on reducing overall body weight, with particular emphasis on shedding fat mass.   

  • The 4-week Starter plan is an introduction to the gym aimed at people with less than 6 months experience with gym-based workouts. This training program is 3-4 days a week in the gym with 2 additional days of cardio activity.
  • The 8-week Momentum plan is a progression on the Starter plan's workouts and also has 3-4 days a week in the gym with 2 additional days of varied cardio activity. This program is ideal for those who are more experienced (i.e. more than 6 months experience with gym workouts) and who can safely and confidently perform fundamental free-weight movements such as the squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, lunge, etc.
  • The 12-week Complete plan gives you a discounted bundle of both the Starter and Momentum plans.


The nutritional component of the Lose Weight System is calibrated to give you a healthy but sustainable calorie deficit and macronutrient ratio, which will help you lose body fat, while retaining muscle mass. There are no crash diets or drastic calorie cutting here.  


Who’s it for?

If your primary objective is to lose weight, this is the system for you!  The Lose Weight plans offer healthy and sustainable weight loss tailored to your DNA. Lots of our customers have successfully dropped weight with this system and reaped benefits for both their physical and mental health. We understand your body from the inside out and can therefore recommend the precise diet and exercise to help you succeed where every other plan has failed.


The Get Lean System

Get Lean
  • 4-5 gym days per week & 1-2 varied cardio sessions
  • Intermediate/Advanced


The Get Lean plans are designed to burn fat and maximize muscle definition. They require access to a gym and are generally 4-5 days per week of resistance workouts with 1-2 days of additional cardio sessions. Be prepared to sweat (a lot) during these workouts!

  • The 8-week Starter plan is an intermediate level program with the specific goal of reducing stubborn body fat and maintaining/increasing lean muscle mass. 
  • The 12-week Plus plan features Daily Undulating Periodized (DUP) style routines, hypertrophyworkouts and a selection of Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) workouts. It comes in two stages. - The first stage of this plan focuses on hypertrophy (increase in muscle size) and conditioning while slowly introducing MRT workouts. - The second stage has rotating goals, including days devoted to explosive power, strength, hypertrophy, and intense metabolically demanding fat-loss training.
  • The 20-week Complete plan gives you a discounted bundle of both the Starter and Plus plans.


The nutritional component of the Get Lean System is specifically designed to burn visceral body fat. Your macronutrient ratios and calorie totals are tailored to your genes, giving you enough energy to take on the workouts and sustainably lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass.


Who is it for?

This is our most intense and hardcore program for those who want a six-pack or who want to look great in a bikini.  You’ve already done 60% of the work to get yourself into decent shape.  Through our genetically tailored Get Lean System, we’ll help you sculpt and chisel the rest, and you’ll get super-fit in the process!


The Muscle Build Systems

Muscle Build

Our Muscle Build Systems use your DNA to help you maximise muscle gains and stimulate hypertrophy - the increase in mass and cross-sectional area of muscle-fibers.  

The Muscle Build Nutritional Component

Proper nutrition is essential to fuel your workouts, ensure you recover, and continue developing size and strength. Each Build Muscle plan recommends nutrition based on your genetic and environmental data to establish a sustainable eating plan, with the appropriate macronutrient and kcal calculations to fuel your workouts and build muscle.


Muscle Build - Hero

  • 3 Gym days a week
  • Beginner/Intermediate
  • 4-week plan


This is a full body split (i.e. full body workouts using both upper and lower muscle groups) focussed on improving movement proficiency and hypertrophy (increase in muscle size). The training stimulus elicited by this program, combined with the sufficient recovery time allows your body to adapt, and yields impressive results.

Each workout begins with a tailored RAMP warm-up to prime your body for the main workout. The Full Body days use essential compound lifts to maximize the rewards from your session. Compound lifts help you develop size and strength while improving your neuromuscular connection and movement proficiency.


Who’s it for?

This is an excellent program if you don’t have much time for the gym and are looking for "bang for your buck sessions". This plan is ideal for people who have some weight training experience and are looking to develop strong, natural, athletic physiques. 


Muscle Build - Legend

  • 3-4 Gym days a week
  • Intermediate 
  • 8-week plan


This plan uses an upper/lower body split and focuses on hypertrophy (increase in muscle size). The training stimulus elicited by this upper/lower program of compound lifts, combined with sufficient recovery time, yields excellent results.


Who’s it for?

This plan is ideal for those who have significant experience lifting weights and are looking to develop strong, natural, muscular physiques.


Muscle Build - Prophecy

  • 5 gym days per week, 1 light cardio day
  • Advanced
  • 12-week plan


This is a genuinely challenging body part split program (where aimed at experienced gym rats looking to maximize muscular development. It is not for the faint-hearted and requires a significant time commitment (5 days per week) at the gym. It employs a phased approach where specific muscle groups are targeted over the course of a block, with speciality workouts within each block to truly test your resolve.


Who’s it for?

Perfect for guys and girls who want to build head-spinning muscle. These plans deliver gains through genetically optimized and periodized workouts, genetically tailored diet and supplementation advice, enhanced recovery strategies, and improved hormonal health.


How do we construct your Workout plans?

By combining your DNA results, lifestyle data and fitness goal using our patented TrueTrait ™ algorithm, we compile various personalized traits.  You can see many of these traits on your TrueFeed ® in your Member's Area. 

Individuals will differ according to their different traits – e.g. you may have high, medium or low ACE activity, or varying risk of raised fasting blood glucose levels.

Once we analyze your gene variants and traits, we can predict your optimal training parameters: e.g. training frequency, training volume, tempo and rest periods. We then use these parameters as a blueprint when tailoring your workout plans.

Below are some examples of how different genetic variations and traits can influence your optimal workout methods. Our experience working with clients and our understanding of research in the field allows us to develop programs that can help you towards specific goals.


Personalizing your workouts

Below we have Jayne and Stephen, both very different in their traits and in their goals. How can we adjust their workout programs to help them reach their specific fitness goals?



Resistance training: Frequency 


Jayne has a slow rate of post-workout recovery, so she should aim to complete a lower number of strength training workouts per week (3-4) targeting the major muscle groups, allowing 48 hours recovery between each workout.


Resistance training: Sets 


Jayne would benefit from keeping her total set number in the higher range for most of her workouts. Introducing speciality sets such as supersets and giant sets will help her reach this total set count in a reasonable amount of time.


Resistance training: Reps


As a high-volume responder, Jayne will respond best to 12-15 reps per set. This is around the optimal rep count for helping her lose fat and build/preserve muscle, while improving her overall general fitness level.


Resistance training: Tempo


Jayne has good lactate clearance, so it would be best for her to perform exercises at a slow or controlled tempo (e.g. 2020-2030) to increase the time the muscle is under tension and help with her muscular development.


Resistance training: Rest


As Jayne is likely to clear lactate quickly, she will benefit from short rest periods between sets: at least 60 seconds for large compound exercises, and maybe down to 30-45 secs for isolation exercises or high intensity intervals. 


Jayne Trait

We use all this data from Jayne to construct a workout plan that closely aligns with her unique gene variants, lifestyle and her goal of improving general fitness levels and body composition.

Now let's consider Stephen, who has very different traits and goals to Jayne. 


Stevey boy

Resistance training: Frequency 


Stephen has an average rate of post-workout recovery, so he should aim to complete around 4-5 workouts per week, with a focus on recovery protocols such as hydration, nutrition and sleep that are also tailored to this traits (e.g. optimal macronutrient ratio post-workout, optimal sleeping patterns). 


Resistance training: Sets 


Stephen would benefit from keeping his total set number in the lower range for most of his workouts, where he is looking to increase his muscular size. This decrease in set volume will need to be matched with an increase in effort put into each set.


Resistance training: Reps


Stephen will respond well to 8-10 reps per set for better hypertrophy and movement efficiency. However, introducing a little variation here and there can also be effective and will help reduce staleness.  Lower reps will be included for the heavier, more taxing compound lifts - his higher experience level provides him the neural efficiency required to benefit from sets with reps in the 3 to 6 range.


Resistance training: Tempo


Stephen has an average lactate clearance so should perform his exercises at a fast-controlled tempo (e.g. 2010) to ensure that he reaches his prescribed rep count and doesn’t accumulate too much fatigue.


Resistance training: Rest


Stephen's rest periods between sets should be in the moderate range. 60-90 seconds minimum would be optimal for recovery when hypertrophy is the goal of the session.


Stephen traits

Stephen's goal of increasing his muscular size and quality is now much more achievable as we have presented him with an easy to follow program that matches with his current traits. 

If you like what you've read and fancy purchasing on of our Genetic Workout Plans, then head to our store

If you still need assistance deciding what program would be the most suitable to you,  our customer service and coaching team are more than happy to help. Simply send us an email: support@fitnessgenes.com


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