The ONE Supplement You Almost Certainly Need to Take This Winter

Thursday, December 01, 2016. Author Samantha Decombel

There are 13 vitamins required for optimal health in humans and according to new research, there is a good chance that you are deficient in one of them.

Take a look out of the nearest window. Is it dark outside? Cold? Are you wrapped up nice and warm? You probably live in the Northern hemisphere right?

If so, there is a high likelihood you are one of the estimated 1 in 5 people who have low levels of the “sunshine” vitamin – vitamin D. 

So-called because the sun is actually the major natural source of this nutrient, our bodies (or more specifically, our skin) can only make vitamin D when the UV index is greater than 3. In the Northern hemisphere, these levels are generally not reached outside of the warmer spring and summer months. On top of this, we just aren’t exposed to as much sunlight as we used to be, either because we’re spending a greater proportion of our times indoors, or we’re using sunscreen to (very sensibly) prevent skin cancer.

So from around October until the end of March we have to rely on getting enough vitamin D from the food we eat. It’s found naturally in fish and eggs, as well as some fortified dairy products, but the bad news is, in general, it’s difficult to get enough vitamin D from food alone.

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