Understanding Your Fitness Genetics – By Dr. Stuart Grice

Saturday, July 12, 2014. Author Dr. Stuart Grice--Pictured rowing at Oxford University

We all want to perform at the peak of our physical ability. Yet for each of us there is a limit to our capacity to perform a particular physical exercise. These limits are set by two main factors: our ENVIRONMENT and our GENETICS.

Nuture: how our ENVIRONMENT shapes us

There is no doubt that physical performance is influenced by a wide range of environmental factors. Bespoke training programmes, top-of-the-range equipment and personalised nutritional advice (amongst others) can all make important contributions leading to an overall increase in our physical fitness. However ,there is a critical factor underlying all of this, which may ultimately prove to be the most important of all: your GENETICS.

Nature: how our GENETICS shapes us

Geneticists have estimated that around 50% of the variation we see in physical fitness between individuals is due to genetics.

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