Turkey and Kale Crunch Salad

Thursday, November 22, 2018. Author Florence Samuels

Turkey and Kale Crunch Salad

This recipe is quick, easy and delicious. It is low in carbohydrates making it a great choice for those who want to reduce their daily intake of this macronutrient. The turkey provides plenty of protein to keep you feeling full and is rich in two important micronutrients: selenium and phosphorous. Try purple kale for an added twist.

Serves 2



150 g (5 oz) Turkey breast (sliced)

80 g (3 oz) Kale

20 g (0.75 oz) Pumpkin seeds (toasted)

2 Garlic cloves

2 tbsp Olive oil

1/2 Lemon



1. Combine turkey breast with garlic and season. Cook in a hot, dry pan until browned.

2. Add olive oil and lemon juice to kale leaves. Massage with clean hands.

3. Mix kale, turkey, and toasted pumpkin seeds. Season and add a dressing of your choice.

Nutritional profile per serving

Total calories: 326 calories

Protein: 22 g (27% of total calories)

Carbs: 7 g (9% of total calories)

Fat: 24 g (64% of total calories)

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