The Top 5 BodyWeight Exercises By IronMac - Andy McKenzie

Thursday, January 12, 2017. Author Dr Dan Reardon

1- Handstand hold/handstand push up

The reason for this is as a carry over onto other exercises. If you spend time developing the handstand hold and press, you will have much healthier shoulders and a strong overhead press.

Longevity in training is key.

2. Pull up

Grip, core and pulling strength, yet so many people get this simple exercise wrong and place too much stress on the elbows, biceps and leave out the lats.

3. Bodyweight squat

Spend time getting full range and the knee and hip joint will take you for the full articulation...make it a daily practice to get there.

4. Front lever

Whole body core exercise, immense for the grip, and the process that you follow to get there will make anyone strong with carry over onto many other exercises.

5. Run

Simplest form of kick ass HIIT training you can do with your own body...sprint flat out for 50 metres or up a hill and you will realise exactly where your lungs are!"


Thank you, Andy, for this great insight that will help so many in the FitnessGenes community. To read more about my good friend Andy McKenzie, you can find him in the following places, and be sure to tell him Dan sent you:

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Instagram - @ironmacfitness
Twitter - @ironmacfitness

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