Top 3 Fundamental Gym Mistakes Beginners Make – Are These Slowing Your Gains?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015. Author Dr Dan Reardon


And in all the years I’ve been training both myself and others, there are still three basic mistakes that I see people make time and time again in the gym, all of which will devastate your progression. If you’re serious about losing body fat and increasing muscle size or tone, remember these three essential training tips and I guarantee your results will soar!

1. Don’t waste your time exercising small, isolated muscles

For example, with bicep curls, you are working a relatively tiny muscle to the exclusion of the other 97% of your musculature. When you work tiny muscles like this, you not only restrict the adaptive response that exercise stimulates to just this tiny area, but you also aren’t burning off any significant levels of calories during or after training.

Instead, begin with compound (using several muscles concurrently) movements that involve large muscle groups—squats, deadlifts, pull ups/pull downs, rowing machine, running, cycling, burpees, etc. These burn more calories not just when you’re doing the exercise but for hours (and even days) afterwards… AND you build more muscle, meaning your body routinely burns more calories on a daily basis!

2. Lift intensely… You MUST challenge yourself

If you aren’t sweating and feeling really fatigued then you aren’t working hard enough! If you do the same thing at the same intensity every week, your body almost certainly won’t change! Multiple short (30–60 seconds) but very intense bursts of exercise are hugely superior to long constant-pace, but less intense, exercise.

3. Take short rests

The second your breathing gets down to almost normal, it’s time for your next set or interval! By not allowing your body to fully recover between sets, this maintains the intensity of your workout, pushes you closer to your performance limit, and will help you to smash your goals.

So if you want to look better and increase your performance every month, it is essential to observe the rules above or I can virtually guarantee that you’ll look the same in three months!

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