This week's best customer feedback

Thursday, October 26, 2017. Author Martin Cheifetz

This week's best customer feedback

In an era of timidly hiding behind one’s keyboard seeking corporate anonymity, I am often asked why I put my “real name”, my picture, and my contact details on so many articles and emails like the one pictured above.

The answer is simple:  I love hearing from our customers.  Good news, bad news, and everything in between.  It is all really helpful insight into an ever-changing marketplace of consumer preferences, and if someone takes the time to write, I respond every time...and so does everyone else at FitnessGenes!

I received an excellent piece of fan mail this week (in response to the email pictured above), and am sharing it now (with the customer’s express written permission) because it highlights the very essence of what we do at FitnessGenes:


Hey Martin!

Just wanna say that being a full-time working dad with 4 kids, I couldn't really afford the GB £150 I paid for my DNA test kit but you know what, after training for 30 years, achieving certifications & a Ph.D.  in Exercise & Sports Science, it was the best money I've ever spent!

I've been very aware of the concept of gene codes in the use of exercise optimisation for some time but never have I had my DNA sample previously collected & analysed for that purpose.  I've always relied on a much broader science base for programming. What absolutely floored me was how far 'off beam' I was in determining my own constructs!

I read my entire results analysis & quickly realised, at last the fog has cleared! How to train-for me.

For years I trained the Dorian Yates High Intensity way, and the Mike Mentzer system really appealed to me & was scientifically based. It seemed the answer. I've followed it for years, blindly, with only ever moderate success at best. I put my lack of results down to me not putting forth enough effort despite many 'near death' intensity experiences under the bar! ;-)

To see my DNA results definitively set out what I should be doing is truly amazing! No guess work, just pure science! Love it.

It's as though a weight has been lifted off me! It's really been that enlightening.

So, many thanks my friend. I've instantly adjusted my programming accordingly & I can't wait to see the results!

In a world of complaints & negativity, I think it's even more essential to say something when you come across things that shine.

The enlightenment from having your DNA results, shines. In my case, the cost of the test kit was totally justifiable & totally necessary. I'm so glad I took the step.




Wow! There's an endorsement! We'd love to hear your story too, so please send them to me at  I'm definitely not hiding and I look forward to hearing from you.

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