The Top 5 Reasons Why Knowing Your Genetics Can Make The Hardest Exercises Easy!

Monday, May 02, 2016. Author Dr Dan Reardon

The Top 5 Reasons Why Knowing Your Genetics Can Make The Hardest Exercises Easy!

I've been in exactly the same position as you. There'll be someone in the gym doing a really great looking exercise such as a pull up. They're graceful, controlled, smooth...but the fact is that however good they look, you know full well that the exercise is as hard as nails.

Well guess what? The answer to making exercises like pull ups easy, lies in your genetics!

Now I'm not saying that your genetics make you good at pull ups, but I am saying that understanding your genetics can enable you to workout to be great at pull ups!






One of the phenomenal things about knowing your DNA results, is that it's possible to really figure out how to workout to get STRONG!

For example we look at the gene that gives us information about how your muscles grow. This gene is called IL15Ra. Some people simply don't get strong with standard resistance training, so these individuals need special strength training programs - and we can tell you that with a FitnessGenes DNA test.



It starts with 1 pull up, but ultimately you want to do 5, 10, 15, and progress into muscle ups, and so on. You have to develop muscular endurance, and we test for gene variations that help us establish the volume of training required to help make this happen. Let me put this into perspective:

Person A - should do 5 sets of 10-15 reps possibly using assisted pull ups.

Person B - should do 5 sets of 3-5 reps with a progressively heavier dumbbell between their feet.

Your genes from a FitnessGenes DNA test will give us this information.



Be under no illusion that your genetic information tells us exactly how you can improve your body composition. If you are carrying less body fat, and you have a higher lean body mass, you will be much more functional. If you're more functional you'll be able to do all these weird and wonderful exercises that literally look super human.

Genes like the FTO genes, the UCP genes, the PPARA genes, all give us information about the best ways for you to burn body fat. Your FitnessGenes DNA test gives us this information.




There is nothing more satisfying than maximising your energy levels - you just feel great. So understanding your metabolic efficiency is key to having ample energy to continuously perform these great exercises.

Person A - has an inefficient metabolism so optimizing pre-workout nutrition in the 2-3 hours before working out is critical!

Person B - has an efficient metabolism so doesn't need to worry too much about trying to maximise pre-workout nutrition. This group just has to be careful to not overeat else they will store body fat.

Your FitnessGenes DNA test will tell you this information.



Okay...a DNA test will tell you nothing about confidence.

But the FitnessGenes DNA test will help you train to be able to do cool things like Muscle Ups, and if that doesn't make you confident - what will?

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