The story of the FitnessGenes™ seasonal promotion 2013

We really enjoyed our 2013 seasonal promotion, which saw record global sales for the FitnessGenes™ DNA Performance package. It was also an opportunity to introduce our customers to some of the work Mark and I have done in the past.

Mark and I have been fitness writers for sometime, working with various publications, but the bulk of our recent work had been with Muscle & Fitness and Flex. I am in fact the science editor of Muscle & Fitness Magazine, and have been a reader of the publication since I was 18 years old!

Mark and I published our first books with Muscle & Fitness Magazine last year, which we wrote with Dr. Jim Stoppani, so we were delighted to be able to give these away in the seasonal promotion. And what was even greater are the great athletes that we worked with through the seasonal promotion including Nathalia Melo, Mike Rashid, Tiffany Boydston, and Scott Herman.

The FitnessGenes™ global reach spread through 12 different countries, so we are Genetically Upgrading fitness professionals and enthusiasts, worldwide!

Here is a selection of our Seasonal Promotion graphics work:

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As we hit 2014, it’s time to continue evolving and leading the fitness and genetics revolution!

Best Wishes


Written by Dr Dan Reardon

Friday, February 14, 2014