The Nordic Diet: Should you eat like a Viking?

Thursday, June 30, 2016. Author Geraldine Campbell

The Nordic Diet, also referred to as ‘The Viking Diet’, has been tipped as the new Mediterranean. The Nordic Diet is based upon traditional diets eaten by those living in countries like Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Norway. It focuses on locally grown and sustainable produce. This diet includes fatty fish (herring/mackerel/salmon/white fish), low-fat dairy products (yoghurts/cheese), whole grain cereals (rye/barley/oats), berries, root/cruciferous vegetables (cabbage/cauliflower/spinach/seaweed), canola oil, nuts and legumes. Research has found that the Nordic Diet carries many health benefits, including weight loss, reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol/triglycerides, improved blood sugar control and lowered inflammation. Boiling and grilling are the more commonly used ways of preparing food which may also aid the health benefits seen.

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