New Affiliate: The Athlete Centre

Wednesday, February 10, 2016. Author Alex Auld

The Athlete Centre
FitnessGenes to help maximise performance at The Athlete Centre

The Athlete Centre has become the latest addition to the FitnessGenes Affiliate Program.

With facilities in both Oxford (UK) and Didcot (Oxfordshire, UK), The Athlete Centre offers clients the opportunity to Train Like A Pro. Their training team covers a range of disciplines; including sports performance, CrossFit, strength, mobility, Olympic lifting and personal training.

The Centre also provides osteopathy, sports massage and nutritional advice to ensure that every aspect of their client’s training and development is supported.

Working With FitnessGenes

Company director James Shields believes that partnering with FitnessGenes will help him identify his client’s strengths, personalise their workouts, and ultimately maximise their performance.

 “Working with Fitness Genes will give us all the information we need to take an individual’s training to the next level, and eliminates a lot of the guess work that goes into programming for someone who has little or no gym experience.

In essence I believe it can speed up their progress by around 6 months, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses that may take us weeks or even months”.

If you are in the Oxfordshire area and want to use your FitnessGenes results to help you boost your athletic or CrossFit performance, contact James and the team by visiting

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