Subcutaneous vs Visceral fat. Which do you carry?

Thursday, February 09, 2017. Author Dr Nathan West

We all store body fat in slightly different ways, leading to a multitude of body shapes and sizes. Some of us store it on our thighs and buttocks, others more on their upper arms and chest. Some of us have a more even spread while others will have body fat concentrated in specific areas. While fat in certain places may concern us, a bulging waist-line is the biggest cause for health concerns and this relates to the different types and volumes of fat stores we have in our bodies.

The two main types of fat stores in our bodies are subcutaneous and visceral fat:

Subcutaneous fat is the body fat which is found directly under your skin and is normally pinchable and can be measured with body fat/skin fold callipers.

Visceral fat (also known as abdominal fat) is found within the abdominal cavity, between the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys etc., making it much trickier to measure.

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