DNA Analysis Now Available At Sharks Fitness

Monday, May 8, 2017. Author Alex Auld

Sharks Fitness Team

At Sharks Fitness we are always looking for the most cutting-edge and effective ways to better understand our clients and help you smash your fitness goals.

That’s why we’ve partnered with FitnessGenes, a global leader in fitness DNA analysis, to unlock your individual genetic code and truly personalise your workouts and nutrition to maximise your results. 

No more trial-and-error or second-guessing. Gain the genetic advantage of knowing the exercise, nutrition and physiological strategies that are most effective for you!


DNA Analysis

With your personal DNA analysis you will receive: 

Genetic reports

Identify your personal result for over 40 exercise, nutrition and physiologically related genes. Each gene comes with a full report explaining what your individual variation means and detailing the wider research around the gene.

Coaching tips

FitnessGenes CEO Dr Dan delivers tips on how you should eat and workout as determined by your individual genetic makeup. Topics covered include:

  • Should I eat low calorie meals?
  • What should my saturated fat intake look like?
  • Should I worry about taking Vitamin D supplements?
  • What time of day should I workout?
  • How many reps should I do per exercise?

Action Blueprint

Identify your optimal exercise, nutrition and physiological strategies with an Action Blueprint covering each.

Do you need shorter or longer rests between sets? What is your optimal calorie intake and macronutrient split? How can you improve your blood flow and recovery? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in your Action Blueprints.

Share your results with Sharks Fitness

Once you have received your FitnessGenes results, share them with your Sharks Fitness trainer directly from your personal members area so that we can tailor your workout and nutrition plan to your unique DNA!


Unlock your DNA, for free!

The FitnessGenes DNA analysis is now included with every Sharks Fitness ultimate personal training package, completely free of charge!

Each package includes your personal DNA analysis, a results consultation with one of our trainers and 16-weeks of genetically tailored personal training (total of 48 personal training sessions).

Click here to learn more about our ultimate personal training package.


Save 10% with SHARKS10

Can’t commit to our ultimate personal training package but still want to receive your FitnessGenes results? You can save 10% on your DNA analysis by using our exclusive ‘SHARKS10’ discount code on fitnessgenes.com.

Click here to purchase your DNA analysis and get Genetically Upgraded with Sharks Fitness and FitnessGenes!

Sharks Fitness is an official partner of FitnessGenes.

Need help choosing a plan?

Use our Plan Advisor to determine which genetically tailored diet and exercise program best fits your needs.

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