3 Key Exercises To Shape Your Triceps

Thursday, July 06, 2017. Author Paul Rose

Tricep Extension

Summer season is upon us, which means you’ve probably swapped your sweaters and coats for sleeveless tops, swimwear and strapless dresses, so your upper arms will be on show for all to see!

It’s time to arm yourself with the best strengthening exercises to really target this potentially troublesome area and to avoid soft, weak arms!

First an important disclaimer – Spot reduction of fat from individual body parts is a myth and people telling you otherwise are either lacking in knowledge or looking for a quick buck.

Poor diet and lack of physical activity are the primary causes of body fat storage. These should be your main concerns if you are overweight or obese. Using workout plans involving the whole body, coupled with a good nutrition strategy are by far the most effective ways to lose excess fat before looking to define your arms. FitnessGenes offers a wide variety of workout and nutrition plans that will put you on the right track to showing off your arms….and the rest of your body.


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