Starter, Fat Loss or Muscle Build? Selecting The Right Genetic Workout Plan For You!

Genetic Workout Plans

Whether you are a complete gym novice or a seasoned athlete, we have workout plans to cater to your experience level. Our Genetic Workout Plans can guide you towards a specific goal: losing body-fat or increasing muscle mass; or help you take the initial steps towards implementing a workout routine for a healthier lifestyle.

Each of our plans include nutritional support which combines your genetic and environmental data to determine a suitable macro-nutrient ratio and calorie intake for your particular workout plan. The nutrition plan also provides advice and guidance on your meal frequency, saturated fat intake and much more.

So, which plan is right for you?

Genetic Starter Plan

Level: Beginner / Duration: 4 weeks

This plan is ideal if you have received your DNA analysis, are new to resistance training, and are ready to take those all-important first steps to a healthier lifestyle and better body composition.

This 4-week Genetic Starter Plan will help you to build regular exercise into your life with an easy to follow plan with a day by day, week by week routine.  Each week consists of 3 to 5 gym days with effective fat burning and strength training exercises, 1 to 2 days of power walking, and 1 to 2 rest days. This plan starts with full body workouts, before progressing on to muscle group specific sessions.  The number of sets increases gradually each week, as your body adapts to exercising.

Genetic Starter Plus Plan

Level: Intermediate / Duration: 8 weeks

For those who have completed the Starter plan, or workout occasionally but need a more structured approach to training!

This 8-week Starter Plus Plan helps you to effectively work muscle groups, build lean muscle and burn unwanted body fat.  Each week of this genetically tailored plan includes cardio sessions, muscle group specific weight training, and elements of High Intensity Interval Training sessions to help you improve fat burning, overall fitness levels and metabolic rate.  After a couple of weeks the intensity picks up a notch!

Genetic Fat Loss Plan

Level: Advanced / Duration: 8 weeks

Looking to lose unwanted body fat and build a leaner, more toned physique? Then this is the plan for you…

This comprehensive, high intensity, genetically tailored workout plan includes resistance exercises, circuits and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions.  The 8 week Genetic Fat Loss System’s help increase metabolic rate, accelerate fat loss, build muscle definition, and improve overall fitness levels.  The exercise levels and HIIT workouts progress throughout the plan to keep you stimulated and motivated. 

Genetic Muscle Building Plan

Level: Advanced / Duration: 12 weeks

Tailored for those who already have a lean physique and resistance training experience, and want to increase their overall muscle volume and strength.

The 12-week Genetic Muscle-Building Plan will help you to increase your muscle mass through periodized, progressive overload.  The first six weeks of this genetically tailored plan focuses on key strength exercises, preparing you for the workout splits and accessory work that targets more specific muscle groups in the second half of the plan.

Purchasing Your Genetic Workout Plan

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Written by Paul Rose

Wednesday, May 18, 2016