Someone very special is taking the FitnessGenes test this Christmas...

Thursday, December 15, 2016. Author Dr Stuart Grice

Santa Claus Follows Fat Loss System

The FitnessGenes team are proud to announce that Santa Claus (aka Father Christmas) will follow their Fat Loss System to get him in shape for Christmas 2017.


Santa remarked “I’ve been struggling with my weight for a couple of centuries now. The FitnessGenes Fat Loss System allows me to truly understand how my body responds to exercise and food, and will enable me to finally make the changes that I’ve wanted, but failed to achieve on other diets”.

By looking at a person’s genetics and lifestyle, FitnessGenes structures a person’s diet and workouts to match their body’s needs. Moreover, FitnessGenes can also highlight the reasons why someone may have not been losing weight.

“With regards to Santa”, Rudolph pointed out “I was not surprised to learn Santa has the version of the FTO gene linked to increased hunger and overeating. Every time he comes out of a house after delivering presents, I can tell he’s been snacking. I wouldn’t mind, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to pull him around and stuff him down all those chimneys every year”.

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