Potatoes: Why the spud is no dud

Tuesday, May 02, 2017. Author Martin Cheifetz

A range of colors, flavours, and health benefits

Potatoes get such bad press that you’d be inclined to believe they singlehandedly caused the obesity crisis. As an inexpensive food that acts as an excellent carrier of flavors and offers a multitude of preparation techniques, potatoes have attracted the ire of the global media for their role in “supersizing” the world’s waistlines, raising our collective blood pressure and clogging our universe of arteries.

Here’s some free diet advice: Anything that is cooked submerged in cheap fats, then slathered further with other cheap fats, topped with tons of salt and other cheap processed ingredients, and over consumed with reckless abandon is bad for your waistline and bad for your health. If you’re concerned about your diet, your weight, your body composition and your overall health, don’t go to McDonald’s and supersize your fries and don’t go to TGIFridays and order deep fried potato skins stuffed with fake cheese and fake bacon bits. While we’re dispensing free diet advice, don’t sit on the sofa stuffing your face with bags of potato chips, regardless of whether they’re baked or fried and then wonder why your jeans are too tight.

Those are only 3 of the thousands of examples of how a perfectly good food can be destroyed by “reckless” preparation. While the potato is not a nutritional powerhouse like eggs, broccoli, blueberries, borlotti beans, almonds, or even dark chocolate, the much-maligned potato has a wide range of beneficial properties when prepared with a bit of care and dietary discipline.

Spoiler alert: This week’s recipe is not going to be a deep fried, cheese-stuffed, sour cream topped baked potato. However, it is going to be a really delicious, nutritious, and creative way to present the world’s most widely grown crop. Try to find purple or blue potatoes and use them in this week’s blue bubbles patties recipe. They’re the perfect partner for your eggs or preferred protein source.


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