Overcoming the fat gene with personalized nutrition

Thursday, March 22, 2018. Author Martin Cheifetz

Paul Daly

Paul Daly was one of our earliest customers, back in the days when we were called MuscleGenes.  He's always been a big fan of our personalized nutrition and exercise programs, and such is his enthusiasm for our genetically tailored advice that he recently joined as our Marketing Manager for Gyms and Health Clubs in our UK office!

Here are five things Paul learned from his FitnessGenes analysis:

1.  I was exercising at the wrong volume:  I altered the volume of training to suit my gene variations, focusing on high rep volume workouts as opposed to lower volume strength oriented sessions.  I also increased my workouts to 5-6 weekly.

2.  I have the fat gene!:  Prior to my DNA test, I was eating 3 large meals per day, feeling hungry 2 hours after each, and then constantly snacking.  It turns out that there is a genetic reason for this:  I have the AA variation of the FTO gene.  I followed the nutritional advice in my analysis and started eating smaller meals more frequently to curb my appetite. I also ensure I have at least 30g of protein for breakfast to increase satiety and recover from my morning workouts. (Please note that in our extensive, peer-reviewed research, Paul's results are "fairly typical".  People who are aware of their genetic predisposition to overeat and who exercise regularly and eat sensibly can overcome their genetic predisposition to be overweight-Ed)

3.  Macronutrients:  I reduced saturated fat down to around 25g per day max and increased the level of carbs in my diet.

4.  HIIT: I now do HIIT training 2-3x weekly to increase fat burning and general fitness levels.  I prefer to do "strongman" sessions for an unbeatable full body workout, or running stairs.  Both are brutal, but effective.

5.  Caffeine:  Take caffeine literally just before I start to workout in the gym as a fast metabolizer of caffeine.

Paul is following his genetically tailored program to the letter, and as you can see, it is paying off!  Doesn't he look great?!? 

In case you're wondering, Paul is approaching the half-century age marker, so hopefully his "aging" physique will inspire you to eat well, exercise often, and follow your own genetically tailored program!

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