New Nutrition Update For All Fat Loss And Muscle Building Systems

Are you currently following the Genetic Fat Loss or Muscle Building Plan? If so, your nutrition plan has been updated by the FitnessGenes science team.

After months of research and reviewing our existing model, our team has designed a progressive nutrition plan, to compliment your training program.

The updated plan considers your individual FitnessGenes results, body type, age, and overall goal to help you structure your nutrition and maximize your fat loss or muscle building results.

This personalised information will include:

  • Your macronutrient ratio for each week
  • Your calorie intake for each day and week
  • The number of meals and snacks you should be eating each day
  • The calorie split of each individual meal and snack

Exploring the Science with Dr Nathan West

“One of the most influential nutrition genes to consider when creating a meal plan is FTO. This is described as the ‘obesity gene’, and can affect your optimal number of meals per day, as well as how much fat you should be consuming.

Studies have shown that if you carry one or more copies of the ‘at risk’ A allele, you may have a tendency to overeat and choose more energy dense foods. These are just some of the factors that we take into account when creating your personalised nutrition plan, and will affect how frequently you should eat, and your percentage split of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

As well as being personalised to your FitnessGenes results and overall goal, the nutrition plan is progressive and precise. The mistake that most people make is that they don’t make continuous adjustments to their calorie intake, and end up ‘failing’ because they plateau. The new nutrition plan ensures that you make continuous progress and fight off hunger, all whilst maintaining your optimal macro split for fat loss or muscle building”.

Access Your Personalized Nutrition Plan

The new FitnessGenes Nutrition Plan is now live and you can access it by logging into the member’s area.

Not currently following the Genetic Fat Loss or Muscle Building plan? Purchase yours from our online shop today to follow a training program personalised to your FitnessGenes results – with the new nutrition plan included!

Written by Alex Auld

Thursday, February 25, 2016