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Sunday, March 01, 2020. Author Alex Auld

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Whether you’ve recently received your FitnessGenes results or have just created a free guest account, here’s our useful guide to getting the most from truefeed®, our trait delivery platform:


Traits and articles

Once the analysis of your DNA sample is complete, or you have successfully uploaded your existing DNA data, your results are delivered as traits via truefeed®. Traits are measurable aspects of your biology and are based on your genetic variants (SNPs) as well as your self-reported lifestyle and environmental data. Examples of traits include: 

  • Blood fat level
  • Obesity risk
  • Lactate clearence 

In truefeed®, you can view which aspect(s) of fitness each trait relates to (Fat loss, Muscle, Health, or Performance), as well as your personal trait result or “band”. 

Each trait is also accompanied by an article, which provides a deep explanation into the science. This is where you can learn the importance, function and variations of the genes we analyse for each trait. The articles are added to truefeed® on a Monday, ahead of the weekly #TraitTuesday release.

With over 75 traits live on truefeed® and new ones added regularly, it’s useful to be able to filter them so that you can find the ones most relevant to your goals. The ‘filter by’ button allows you to select the type of content you want to access (traits or articles), and further refine by trait type (Fat Loss, Muscle, Health, or Performance).


Trait reports

Selecting a trait from truefeed® will take you to the trait’s full report. Each report is compiled of the following:


An introduction to the trait and the physiological processes that it’s linked to.

Your personal trait band

Your trait result based on your gene variants and lifestyle data. Classification of trait results can range from two bands (e.g. high vs low fat intake sensitivity) to twelve (as in testosterone and estrogen production traits) depending on the nature of genetic and lifestyle factors analyzed.


Discover the genetic variations that you carry, their effect on protein activity, and their resulting effects on the way your body works with your personalised insights.

For example, your Insights for the Vitamin B12 absorption trait will tell you if you carry one or two copies of a FUT2 gene variant associated with poorer B12 absorption. 


Exercise, nutrition and supplement recommendations tailored specifically to your personal trait band. 

For example, if you have poor Vitamin B12 absorption you will be given advice on foods to alter gut microbiota, B-vitamin complex supplement recommendations, and exercise strategies. 

Actions can be saved from your trait report to your ‘saved items’ page for easier access (see below).

Related content

Learn more about the trait and how to best follow your recommended actions with externally sourced products, articles and recipes, as well as related truefeed® traits.

The truefeed® community

Connect and exchange ideas with other members who share the same trait band as you, or ask questions for the FitnessGenes coaching team to respond to.


Saved items

Compile a personalised list of your most relevant actions by saving them to your saved items page. As well as actions, you can also save articles and recipes from trait reports here, keeping all your favourite content in one place.

This page has also been designed to be print-friendly, allowing you to stick your most important actions to your fridge, or wherever best to keep them in mind, and to keep you on track!


Workout plans and nutrition guide

If you have purchased an additional goal-specific workout plan to follow, you’ll find it under ‘Active Plan’ in the ‘Workout & Nutrition’ drop-down menu. This menu is also where you can purchase progression plans or follow a different workout system altogether.

The nutrition guide is open to all members with results and identifies your recommended calorie intake, macronutrient ratios, and meal frequency. These are calculated by combining your traits, gene variants, lifestyle data and overall goal.


Sharing your results

If you are working with a trainer, coach, or any other health and fitness professional, you can provide them with full remote access to your personal traits, insights and actions through the ‘share your results’ functionality.

Once you have received your FitnessGenes results, you can share them with any third party through the following steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Settings > Your profile > Profile sharing.
  3. Share your results.
  4. Enter the recipients FitnessGenes account email address* and set the duration you’d like to provide them with access for.

To remove sharing access, revisit the ‘profile sharing’ page and select ‘revoke’ next to the recipients details. 

*As profile sharing occurs between FitnessGenes accounts, your recipient must already have their own account for you to provide them with access to your results. If they do not, they can create a free guest account at 


Accessing truefeed®

If you would like to take a look around truefeed® ahead of purchasing your DNA analysis or DNA upload, you can do so for free by clicking here. With guest access, you can view all truefeed® articles, however, traits will only contain general information until you receive your personal results.

Have any questions about navigating truefeed® or creating a FitnessGenes guest account? Contact our team at Our office hours are 09:00-17:00, Mon-Fri.

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